Opportunities in Mobile Financial Services

Businesses have started to recognize that the interoperability of mobile devices and mass adoption of cellular technology has helped establish the mobile financial services marketplace.

Today there are 2 broad segments under the Mobile Financial Services Sector namely Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments

Mobile banking allows customers to check balances, transfer funds and receive alerts regarding their deposit or credit card accounts via three major delivery models:

  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  •  Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  •  Custom Applications

Mobile payments enable the mobile device to be used to initiate payment transactions. There are three main technologies underlying the development of mobile payments

  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)

Enhanced security and Convenience offered by the mobile platform are driving the growth of Mobile FS. This has resulted in consumer acceptance of paying for mobile data / content such as email, ring tones, music, photos, etc. This is expected to continue to grow –estimates predict mobile banking users will exceed 150MM globally by 2013 presenting a significant opportunity for savvy businesses

A recent survey by a leading global auditing firm found that

  • More than twice as many consumers today indicate they are comfortable using a mobile phone to handle their online financial tasks than two years ago—34 percent compared to 14 percent in 2008.
  • Nearly half (46 percent) of the consumers in the survey say they have used their mobile device for banking purposes, compared to only 19 percent in 2008.
  • The percent of consumers who say they’ve used an online retailer’s site from a mobile phone nearly tripled to 28% from 10% in 2008.
  • Younger consumers more readily engage with m-commerce than older ones, with highest usage coming from consumers in the 25-44 age range.

Key products that business can focus on to tap this rapidly growing market are

  • Developing custom applications to tap the Mobile Banking revolution. With the rapid growth in the number of smart phone brands and operating systems this is expected to be a large market.
  • Mobile Commerce and Marketing: Businesses can tap Mobile phones to facilitate the sale, purchase or advertisement of goods and services
  • Enable Remote Mobile Payments for purchases of their goods and services
  • Offer remote mobile top-up facility for differentiating their subscription services
  • Enable Mobile Bill payments, Ticket purchases etc to reach a wider customer segment

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

Taking Your Business Online

If you plan to go into business online and are looking for the best way to build your brand, it's best to find an SEO or search engine optimization specialist. Most new or established online businesses are in the habit of testing out various online marketing attempts without much success. The reason is that they lack specific technical knowledge that is needed to carry out their campaign effectively, which will result in poor planning and a low return on investments. By hiring an SEO professional, the business owner can refocus on their customers, rather than trying to figure out the intricacies involved in internet marketing.

An SEO professional has the skill set that allows them to understand what the business's target market and thus prepare the proper optimized keywords and key phrases around that niche. The keywords would be created and implemented on each page of the business's website, so that when their target audience is searching for a specific product or service in the search engine, the specific page of the business's site will come up. This will increase both the visibility and the conversion rate of the website, which is one of the invaluable assets of hiring an SEO professional. They will understand the exact jargon and lingo that your clients use and incorporate this jargon into all of their marketing methods.

The process of search engine optimization usually begins with the SEO expert conducting research that entails the professional locating sites that your target market often frequents. They will then assess and record the feedback and reviews that the customers are giving about a particular product or service that may relate to the your business. This information is very valuable and it gives the professional something to work with when they begin optimization techniques for your website. The optimization techniques include article marketing, blogging and even video marketing which can all be intertwined to engage the target audience enough to bring them to your website. The professional will also make sure that each page of the website is error free and grammatically correct, as this affects your business's reputation.

At the end of the day, the SEO professional will have developed a solid optimization marketing plan that will bring your website traffic for the short and long term. As an online business who is working on building your brand, the assistance of an SEO professional will set the foundation for your prospects who will finding and repeatedly coming back to your website for their expanding needs.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

No Office Walls

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) was management consultant, who has been widely known as one of the best thinkers of the subject of management theory and practice of the 20th century.   The Drucker Institute is a think tank founded in 2005 to promote the archival collection of Drucker’s writings and formulas for use in the advancement of effective management and responsible leadership.  It located at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA. 

In a recent article Rick Wartzman, Director of the Institute, discusses how they moved back into their newly renovated office.  The office is unique because it has no walls.   All the team members now sit in an open 1,400 square foot office space.   According to this philosophy, an office must be built to promote a free flowing dialogue of information and ideas between team members.  The office space with no barriers allows for conversations regarding philosophies or concepts to be over heard by other staff members, who can then chime in their thoughts, and then cooperation can begin and a concept matured.

Drucker believed that “communications sideways” instead of “downward communications” awaiting feedback up the chain worked more proficiently in detailing a project.   In this manner, you could draw on the expertise of individual team members on a collaborative level.   This also takes the hierarchy aspect out of the office, for example who as the most window space, floor space, or biggest office is taken out of the equation when solving problems.    It is a concept that allows for all the staff to work as equals without prejudice or competition to make sure that everyone involved feel as important as the next.   

The other advantage discussed by Wartzman, is the aspect of accountability.  There is no place to hide in an office with no walls.  This allowed for greater productivity.

Future Use

The no-walls concept is not only being used at Drucker, which is a small university think-tank, but at large multi-national corporations.  Carlos Brito, the CEO of Anheuser-Busch (In Bev) has not had his own office in over 20 years.  He works out of a conference room where informal candor between all levels of management is encouraged.  His managers will report to his leaders but this environment also allows the subordinates to learn from the managers and visa-versa.  It is a large open free flowing work space that often has many conversations going on at one time.   It allows his teams to report directly to him and other teams to collaborate on similar problems.  

Opening an office space is a revolutionary concept that has been proven to work to the advantage of the companies that utilize it. 

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

Marketing Your Business Online

So you have decided to begin marketing your business online, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Well first let’s talk about the advantages of this marketing method. Firstly, internet marketing is very affordable. You don’t want to have to spend millions in advertising do you? If not then marketing your business online is the place to start. Second, the internet has a very large audience. This means that you can market your business to several potential customers across the globe. This will really help kick start your business.

Odds are you have just started your business, and you are ready to take off. Well, what if your start up took more funds than you anticipated? Then you’re stuck with little to no funds to start marketing your new business. With internet marketing you can get your business’s name out there with the funds that you have available, and sometimes you can find some free marketing techniques to help get you started. Even a single web banner for your business could bring in enough customers to make hundreds more for marketing.

One great thing about the internet is that it is available worldwide. This means that your business can be marketed across the globe to anyone anywhere. This might not be great if you are only wanting to market to a specific region, but with so many internet users, you surely will not fail. Unlike television or print media where you are stuck only targeting small local regions, with the internet you are no longer limited. After you have determined your target audience it’s time to get started!

Another wonderful thing about internet marketing is it is never closed. The internet is available to users all day every day, considering the user has an internet connection. This means you don’t have to worry if enough people watched you’re commercial on television, or worry about how many eyes were directed to your small but expensive banner in the local flyer. Your business will be available to anyone at any time on the internet, which makes it all the better.

If you’re a business owner, and you are reading this article then you are ready to begin some research on internet marketing. It’s time to jump into the best marketing world known today. Do remember though, there are several businesses that have already taken advantage of this wonderful marketing method, so there is a lot of competition, but if you do the proper research and take your time you could be ahead of the competition in no time.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

Top 10 Work from Home Franchises

Here they are, your top 10 work from home franchise opportunities:

Senior Independent Living Services:
Do you enjoy helping seniors? Cleaning, running errands, meal preparation, medication reminders and house maintenance make it possible for seniors to enjoy independent living in their own homes.

Child Education:
If you are patient, can teach and enjoy children, Child Enrichment and Education is your calling. Some of the many services you may wish to offer are learning assessment and test preparation and tutoring. You may also offer cultural enrichment such as dance and cooking.

Commercial Sanitation:
You'll need to be efficient and strong to handle a high-energy challenging career in sanitation services. If you have what it takes, start thinking big: office buildings, industrial complexes, banks, department stores - and with some special training - healthcare facilities are your clients.

Mobile Tool and Equipment Distribution:
Mechanics must produce results on schedule; they do not have time to leave their shops and vehicle repair stations. As a mobile tool distributor, you are only a phone call away and fill a specialized niche.

Office and Industry Staffing: 
From providing professional specialized staffing to entry level workers you are responsible for oiling the machinery of big business and offering employment opportunities; it is a win-win situation and you're special people skills are needed.

Travel, Vacation and Recreation Consultant:
 Whether the occasion is a wedding in Hawaii, a vacation on the beach at Cancun or a cross-country ski trip, your organizational skills pull it all together.

eBay Drop-Off Stores:
Work in the exciting on line auction and shipping industry. Connect with clients, advise them on how to take advantage of eBay opportunities without any special knowledge, confusion or bother. You become their posting and shipping agent!

Residential Improvement and Home Décor Services:
Offer your expertise in home maintenance, remodeling, landscaping and decor furnishings.

Property Inspection Services: 
Purchasing a home or a commercial income property can be a daunting experience; however, calling a property inspector before the contracts are signed goes a long way towards making confident decisions based on the solid structural knowledge of a property expert. 

Carpet, Upholstery and Drapery Cleaning: 
Understanding the fabrics, chemistry and techniques of carpet, upholstery and drapery cleaning is a specialized field. Having the knowledge, you'll never run out of clients, especially if you can offer disaster and specialized restoration services.

Are you ready? Independent earning opportunities abound!

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

The Advantages of Professional SEOs

Every day, users of social media and smart devices such as phones and tablets look to online sources for their needs. In recent years, this has expanded from the young and technologically-savvy to the more general population, including older people and people on limited incomes.

These people are turning to online sources to shop online, search for information, and keep in touch with family and friends. As the holiday season approaches, we can expect more and more of them to forego the Black Friday crowds and the last-minute panic running through stores with empty shelves of sold-out merchandise, turning online where selections are greater, doing their Christmas shopping from their own home or office. In fact, over seventy per cent of economic activity now takes place online.

Make no mistake: businesses need to be involved in online marketing.

Online marketing means growing a brand and a business in the internet community, taking advantage of services such as pay-per-click advertising and utilizing social media. One important service is search engine optimization (SEO), where industry-specific keywords, high-quality links, a strong presence in social media, and the creation of content that is both accessible and meaningful to potential customers help a website become not only visible to the search bots, but appear in relevant search results potentially attracting millions of users.

SEO is a complex and rapidly-growing process, and it requires a great deal of skill to successfully utilize. Far from being an afterthought, SEO concerns affect the content and layout of your website, your choices of links and keywords, and how your website is presented to the users. Search engines such as Google have strict guidelines that they require to make sure that the search results users receive are relevant to their search. A badly-optimized web site may appear too low in search results to be effective, or, even worse, mistaken by Google as a rogue site and delisted from search results entirely. Bad SEO can end up costing your business greatly.

Fortunately, Google and other search engines provide the necessary tools for an SEO expert to make sure that a site is valid and properly listed in search results. These experts can make sure your website conforms to the exacting standards demanded by the search engines in their quest to deliver quality content to their users. Even in a down economy, the amount spent on SEO experts can greatly benefit your company, and result in a much greater return for the cost.

Even better, online marketing is unique in that it is fully trackable, allowing you to see what online endeavors are the most profitable for you. What social media is being utilized the most? What search keywords are most effective? How is your website appearing in search results? All of this information can be used to optimize your service even further, resulting in a greater return on your investment.
You need online marketing—which means you need a professional SEO service.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

How Can You Be Certain that SEO Techniques Will Help Your Business?

Before creation of the Internet, a manufacturers’ representative would tackle the marketing jobs in a specified region. The men and women who worked for that agency visited different stores, seeking to promote a client’s product.  At weekly meetings, salespeople would learn about the chosen marketing plan. That was the technique to be used for getting a new item (or getting more of an old item) on store shelves. 

Today, a website can serve as a type of middleman, a means by which manufacturers can reach-out to customers. The website owner realizes that the manufacturer wants lots of Internet users to visit that virtual location. For that reason, he or she ought to consider using search engine optimization techniques. Each of them helps an online shopper to find a desired item as quickly and easily as possible.

Generally, there is more than one website selling any given item. The one that is most visible becomes the one that makes the most sales. That visibility is sure to increases, if a website has managed to gain a high ranking within a search engine listing. Increased visibility holds the promise of more site-visitors, and thus illustrates a business owner’s hope for a greater level of revenue.

The search engine listing is what appears on the computer screen, after an internet user has requested information on a certain product or service. Normally, consumers tend to go-after the site that appears at the top of that listing. That is why a business ought to seek a high ranking, one that makes the associated website easy to find. Utilization of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques aids the acquisition of that high ranking.

The company that has chosen to use SEO techniques may well hire a writer, in an effort to obtain quality content material. At the same time, it is sure to spice-up such material with keywords and back links. A well-established combination of those techniques promises to deliver the best results. Only a marketing expert can ascertain the exact nature of that decidedly unique combination.

An experienced marketer would never suggest that a client needs to stay with some chosen combination of marketing techniques. The preferences and the buying habits of customers change over time. A company’s marketing approach needs to undergo similar alterations. While those alterations may take place within a marketing platform of the 21st Century, that does not mean that their effectiveness remains untested.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

Tips for Keeping Accurate Business Records

Statistics show that millions of functioning small businesses have sprung-up within the United States.   Still, five years from now, consumers will not enjoy access to products from all of them; some of them will never achieve long-term success. The failed enterprises will be those in which the owner/operator has refused to acknowledge the significance of bookkeeping tasks.  

Just twenty years ago the challenges associated with record keeping were so great that most business owners felt compelled to spend money on an accountant.  That trained professional devoted a block of time to keeping track of the inventory and conducting a double check of all recorded sales figures.  In order to carry-out those procedures in an efficient manner, the accountant had to store recorded information on the papers in large books. Those books could be consulted, in the event that some government official or possible investor wanted to learn more about the company’s finances.

Today the owner of a small business can get by without setting aside money for an accountant’s salary. The resulting savings can be used towards purchase of a computer and acquisition of the type of software that simplifies the process of record keeping. Additional money can be used to buy the equipment that permits a scanning of bar codes and a swiping of credit cards.  Figures supplied by that additional equipment can be added to the database of information that is stored in a computer. That database eliminates the need for shelves filled with an accountant’s books.

A business owner’s willingness to adopt present-day technology can result in more sales. That technology provides customers with more than one means for covering the cost of any item. Moreover, data furnished during the process of recording a digital transaction helps to supply a possible investor with an extra amount of valuable information.  In those cases where a business owner seeks help with learning the basic computer skills, he or she should find it easy to locate a computer expert, someone who has agreed to charge a reasonable price for his or her guidance.

The entrepreneur behind a profit-making endeavor needs to know how well it is doing at any one point in time. That information should aid identification of any problem spots, as well as signaling when it would pay to enhance expenditures in a particular area.  Figures stored in a computer can lessen any degree of uncertainty, regarding a company’s finances, and thus that information helps to ensure a business’ ability to generate revenue and expand.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

Tips on Gaining a Better Understanding of Customers

As the 20th Century neared its final quarter, one company sought to offer the public a product that allowed preparation of sugar-free gelatin. A manufacturers’ representative in the Philadelphia area was asked to provide local stores with samples of prepared gelatin. That request revealed the company’s failure to understand its potential customers. It had not anticipated a high demand for flavors that could be used for making a gelatin salad. The company had not put a sufficient amount of time and effort into determining the desires of the homemaker/cook who must prepare a meal for one or more dieters. 

Today a business can avoid making such a mistake by utilizing the existing technology. It can gather and analyze answers to online survey questions, before introducing any product. In that way, it can better determine consumers’ buying habits and their preferences, in regard to any line of items. A forward-thinking business owner takes the time to learn about each of those new marketing techniques. 

Today any store can obtain and use consumer perks cards. Utilization of such cards provides a store with information on the age, address and preferences of any customer.  Armed with such information, a shop-owner can do a better job of determining what deals to offer to customers.  In that way, he or she can work to encourage the return of any one shopper.

Naturally, as more and more consumers do their shopping online, businesses need to invest in digital advertising. Moreover that tool can be supplemented through utilization of low cost tools, things like the sending out of emails. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of any ad can be increased, by having it appear on a mobile device, just as the owner of that hand-held gadget passes the spot where the advertised item is being sold.

Technology simplifies the process of collecting information and then analyzing that collected data. Such an analysis should serve as a guide, as a company prepares to tackle the next step: that of implementing any necessary alterations. As evidence of consumers’ preferences becomes increasingly visible, a business has to be ready to adapt to a customer’s whims. Today all businesses have access to valuable guidance; yet each must take the time to study that source of guidance and adapt to the facts in that studied information.  

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

How to Be Sure that You Have Accounted for Customers’ Tastes

Sometimes a business will introduce a product, have it sit on market shelves for a designated amount of time and then arrange for it to be taken-off of the shelf. In that instance, there is a strong possibility that the item’s manufacturer has failed to account for customers’ tastes. The factory has turned-out a product that does not fill the need of the average consumer. A company can usually recover from one such mistake, but if it occurs repeatedly, that same business may well suffer a financial set-back.

By paying close attention to the desires of consumers, a business can avoid such a tragedy.  A business can benefit from an effort directed at seeking-out customers’ opinions, regarding different products or services. Even an unfavorable opinion can prove useful, since it alerts company executives to the need for a change. Willingness to listen and adapt represents one of the hallmarks of a profit-making enterprise. 

A business can use several techniques for listening to the voice of the consumer. Today a customer’s comments are not always delivered by means of a phone call. Such feedback can appear in an email or in the answers given to a series of survey questions.  Even sales receipts can be used for conducting a customer comment study.

In our fast-paced society, not every consumer can find time to get on the phone and provide a business with some vocal feedback. However, that same shopper may well welcome the chance to offer a word of praise or dissatisfaction. The latest marketing techniques allow any praise or criticism to be made almost immediately after the completion of a transaction.

By showing a readiness to accept credit cards, a business can expand the data that it possesses on the various customers. A shop-patron or an online shopper resides at a defined location; by accepting credit cards, a business can accumulate the data that aids identification of that location. The sudden disappearance of a credit-paying customer can be noted and investigated. The entire process can be combined with offers of a reward card, in order to make a customer feel especially appreciated.

A business owner stands to benefit from every sale. Customers recognize that fact, and thus deserve to feel appreciated. Moreover, their comments can serve as a guide, as an entrepreneur strives to run an enterprise as efficiently as possible.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona
Phil Thow

Examining the Altered Approach to Local Advertising

Although the number of online shoppers has increased dramatically, there are still plenty of men and women visiting the different neighborhood stores. Those customers often go-after an item that is produced locally. In the past, information about that item has been spread by word-of-mouth. However, that traditional method for promoting a business and its offerings now competes with a new way for reaching-out to consumers. The existence of that more up-to-date technique has altered the nature of local advertising. 

In the past, consumers welcomed the conveniences associated with a neighborhood store. It did not take long to visit that establishment, in order to obtain a given item. Now, however, all those consumers with access to the Internet can have an item shipped to their doorstep. Thus, neighborhood stores have to compete with companies that have a big advertising budget. That has altered the approach that the store owner must use, when marketing a product.   

He or she can continue to market to residents of the neighborhood, but that represents only a thin slice of a large pie, one filled with potential customers.  Each of those additional customers has the ability to supply a small business with an additional source of income.

Of course, that assumes that the same small business, possibly a neighborhood store has gained an online presence. It has joined the other businesses that accept the orders made by visitors to a website.  That move has provided the same enterprise with an additional means for marketing its products. It can now use the existing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Utilization of SEO techniques helps to draw-in new customers; other marketing methods aid with retention old customers.  Perks cards represent an integral part of one such method.  By using such cards, a business should find it easier to keep track of customers’ spending habits. By learning where consumers are ready to spend their cash, a merchant can do a better job of going after the money that is in their wallets (or in a bank account that is linked to a charge card). 

The popularity of hand-held gadgets has added mobile advertising to the combination of marketing methods that ought to be used by a modern-day business owner. Technology lets a business owner know where a customer (one who possesses a hand-held device) is at any one point in time. Therefore, a mobile ad for a particular item can made to appear at an opportune time, namely when a targeted customer is passing by the appropriate store. A potential customer is more apt to walk past some neighborhood store than the facility at which a big manufacturer operates.***

- Written by Phillip (Phil) Thow
Phil Thow

How to Promote a Business in a Digitally-Based Marketplace

Some thirty plus years ago, one young man decided to start a photography business in Los Angeles. One of the first actions that he took involved paying for an advertisement in the yellow pages for one of the City’s culturally-based communities. In 2011, that man’s son opened a computer repair business in L.A. He did not try to get an advertisement in any set of yellow pages; he went after the means for providing his business with a visible presence on the Internet. That story illustrates the extent to which the rules governing advertising and marketing have changed.

Today an Internet user does not have to look very hard, in order to find an advertisement that offers tips on how to start an online business. Just about anyone with a desktop computer and a connection to the Internet can launch an in-home enterprise. As the head of such an endeavor, he or she has the ability to reach men and women in every corner of the world. However, traditional marketing efforts would prove ineffective, if used to attract all the people in that wide circle of consumers. An effective effort needs to utilize all of the available technology.  

Today, a client usually asks a marketer to make a venture more visible on the Internet, better able to attract the notice of an online shopper. Utilization of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques aids accomplishment of that goal. Armed with such techniques, a marketer can expect positive results, as he or she seeks to steer the eyes of different online shoppers towards a client’s website.  However, no business can rely on just one SEO technique; the owner of that enterprise must look into the various methods for combining several such techniques.

The man or woman who hopes to start an Internet company can normally find lots of sources of guidance. Some may relate to website design, others to creation of good content material. Still, willingness to pay such experts does not ensure the making of profits.  That can only come about when a business owner has chosen to invest in advertising and marketing.

That investment ought to represent an effort at utilizing all the latest marketing techniques, those that aid promotion of an item in a digitally-based marketplace. That includes things like SEO techniques, online newsletters and mobile advertisements. Those are the tools that a modern-day entrepreneur must use, if he or she wants to convert a dream into a reality, in other words, if he or she hopes to direct a successful venture.

- Written by Phillip (Phil) Thow
Phil Thow

Single Step Taken by Every Successful Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur does not achieve success by running a slipshod operation. He or she does not encourage the pursuit of some reckless or foolish action. Instead, that business owner strives to direct an efficient enterprise. He or she wants to witness effective promotion of a particular product or service.

In order to achieve that goal, an entrepreneur must first develop a carefully-considered business plan. It is sure to mention the item that will be produced or acquired and sold to consumers. The idea of offering an item that pleases others often motivates an adult to launch a profit-making endeavor.

 Still, a plan’s details must cover areas beyond the nature of the object or service that will be made available to consumers.  That detailed information must include a description of the method that will be used to finance that start-up operation. In addition, it should explain exactly how a stream of revenue will be ensured, once a business has opened its doors, or after a website has started to receive lots of visitors.

In the absence of good planning, the idea for a fantastic product cannot secure the success about which an entrepreneur dreams. That business-minded man or woman must recognize the risks associated with operating a profit-making venture. Having recognized those risks, he or she should act to diminish any risk’s ability to push a venture off the path towards success. That includes the act of studying-up on the best way to start a business.

A study of that process should reveal the significance of the business plan. That document normally makes reference to a goal. By focusing on that goal, an entrepreneur can lower the chances that he or she will somehow veer-off of the winding and difficult road that leads to success.

One difficulty that is sure to confront the business owner concerns development of a marketing strategy. Before designing that strategy, the business owner must decide on the size of the pool of potential customers; will it contain only local residents, or will it include the shoppers who live at a considerable distance from the business’ base of operations? Sometimes it pays to consult a professional before choosing to limit or expand the list of potential customers.

Both the business plan and the marketing strategy will fail to ensure maintenance of an effective endeavor, if neither of them gets evaluated on a regular basis. As a marketplace changes, and as consumers replace the wish for one item with dreams about something else, the results of planning and strategizing could prove inadequate for the task at-hand. It takes time to change a dream into a reality; during that time period, attention to the right aspects of a venture have the ability to ensure the emergence of a highly successful, a true, money-making business.***

- Written by Phillip (Phil) Thow
Phil Thow

Email Marketing Can Grow Your Small Online Business

Your Scottsdale Arizona small business needs sales in order to grow. The best way to get sales is to entice potential customers with special offers or sales. Most of the work you put into your website to get attention may not be paying off; this is because the majority of your customers will leave your Scottsdale Arizona website without buying anything on their first visit. In order to ensure they actually do come back, use email marketing and special advertisements.

So, how do you get their contact information? The best method is to offer a special opt in offer to get the contact info immediately once they visit. Try offering a free download, report or have them sign up for a company newsletter. You could even offer a percentage off their first order if they sign up with their contact info. Your Scottsdale Arizona business will begin to flourish as you get all of those Scottsdale Arizona customers back to your page for their purchases.

Keep in touch with your Scottsdale Arizona customers on a weekly or even monthly basis. Try to personalize your Scottsdale Arizona emails for customers who have already placed an order by starting off saying something like "I hope you are enjoying your throw rugswe thought you would like to check out the new matching bedding." Your Scottsdale Arizona customers will feel a closer connection with you and you can start building the relationship between them and your business.

- Written By: Phillip Thow Scottsdale Arizona

Can You Franchise Your Business?

If you are considering franchising your Scottsdale Arizona business but are not sure if it is franchisable or not, then read on. Most Scottsdale Arizona businesses are able to be franchised; it is a flexible format and only requires a few characteristics to be met.

Credibility: Your Scottsdale Arizona business needs to be credible with experienced management policies in place. You should have a proven track record that provides a solid history of sales, quality and reputation.

Competitive Advantage: Your Scottsdale Arizona business should offer something unique from its competitors and be something that consumers will want. It has to be marketable within the targeted audience and show that it has a place in its niche.

Teachable: Your Scottsdale Arizona should be teachable. You have to be able to explain and guide the franchisees through your policies, procedures and other standards set in place for your Scottsdale Arizona Company. You should have systems in place that are easily transferred to another owner. Basically, this means that you should be able to teach someone to take over and run your company in a month or less.

Good Return: You should be able to offer your franchisees a good return on their investment. This means that if you are not generating a 15 to 20 percent return on the franchisees investment after the royalty is deducted your business may not look like a good opportunity to investors.

If your business meets the above criteria then it may be a great opportunity for investors as well as for you to start franchising.

- Written By: Phil Thow Scottsdale Arizona

Business Marketing For Success

If your small business in Scottsdale Arizona needs some attention, hire a marketing company to get your business seen. You can experience quick results with the help of an experienced Scottsdale Arizona company.

One of the most important aspects for success with your Scottsdale Arizona business is company branding and the ability to have it recognized by the consumers in your targeted audience. An experienced Scottsdale Arizona company will be able to show you the proper ways to brand your business for the audience you want to target. They can even help you define what your targeted audience may be if you are not sure. Many small businesses are using the right marketing techniques but are not campaigning to the right market. Mistakes like this can be costly and time consuming, so hiring a Scottsdale Arizona company to help may actually save you money.

Your Scottsdale Arizona business needs to show up in the search engines and getting a high ranking is extremely important for brand visibility. A good SEM company will be able to show you how to increase your page rankings within the major search engines and help get you in that top position against your competition. Your business does not have to be large and your budget does not have to be massive in order to get that number one position in the search engine rankings and a qualified SEM company will be able to show you how quickly and effectively.

- Written By: Phil Thow Scottsdale Arizona

Building A Good SEO Website

Your Scottsdale Arizona website needs to be created to bring in traffic as well as keep them there once they arrive. With that in mind, think about your SEO campaign and how you want to create it to target the right audience. The major search engines offer several tools and techniques to help you get started with your SEO campaign. You can look through keywords that are closely related to your Scottsdale Arizona business and find out not only who your targeted audience is but how they search, where they search and what they search for when online. This information can greatly increase your chances of success with your Scottsdale Arizona business.

Your Scottsdale Arizona business website should incorporate the keywords and keywords phrases that you chose for your SEO campaign and be used throughout the site including in links, images and other tags. You want to follow the search engines guidelines for SEO to ensure that you get the rankings that you deserve and want.

When you begin your marketing campaign for your Scottsdale Arizona website be sure that you create content that includes your keywords. You want to post your content on various platforms and it is a great idea to implement social media networks into your plan. If you take the time to fully understand SEO and how it works you will be able to turn your small Scottsdale Arizona business into a thriving and profitable company.

- Written By: Phillip Thow

5 Ways To Accelerate Your Business

Every year the strategies for marketing your Scottsdale Arizona online business change. What might have been working for you last year may not work this upcoming year, so be ready to make the changes you need. If you want to accelerate your Scottsdale Arizona online business this year, take a look at these 5 great ways to get it done.

Blogging: Blogging may feel as though it is dying down, but honestly it is still going strong. They are great ways to create new and valuable content for your Scottsdale Arizona online business and the search engines love seeing new content on your website and will reward you with higher rankings.

Social Networking: Social networks have become increasingly popular over the last year and your Scottsdale Arizona business can benefit greatly by using them.

Email Marketing: This is not a new concept but many people have begun to overlook it. Your Scottsdale Arizona business can increase its sales by as much as 80% by using an effective list to advertise to potential customers.

Pre Sell: Before taking the time and energy to build your website and optimize it for the search engines, try pre-selling your product to get the attention you need.

Partner Up: Many Scottsdale Arizona businesses are partnering up with already established companies in order to better sell their products. Be sure the company you partner up with is a non competing product dealer and has some relevance to your products.

- Written By: Phil Thow Scottsdale Arizona

Internet Security

The internet has brought with it many great things. You can melt away the miles between loved ones with video chatting, keep in touch with your Seattle Washington friends through social media networks, find information on just about anything, locate New York local businesses, buy Illinois products, play games, pay bills, you name it, the internet offers it. What it has brought with it that has not been so great is the threat of malicious software. Every time you go online, download a file, visit a website or make a transaction you are at risk of having your computer compromised by one of these malicious files.

A computer virus can harm your systems information, erase important files, steal your passwords, your identity and even destroy your computer's hard drive. Spyware and adware while they are not harmful can actually create problems that are to say the least annoying. You will experience pop up ads that seem to slow your system down and interrupt your online session and after time they can corrupt your systems registry and cause issues with other programs you have installed.

The only way to protect your computer is to use internet security software. You should have an antivirus installed that will scan your systems files and remove any harmful or suspicious files. In addition to the antivirus software you should have a firewall that will block any outside intruders trying to enter into your system. Create passwords for your home networks and only make transactions from secured websites.

- Written By: Phillip Thow Scottsdale Arizona

The New Technology Behind Marketing Your Business

It does not matter is you are an offline Seattle Washington business or an online business; you will need to learn the technology behind online marketing for your business. The internet has proven to be a very valuable resource when it comes to marketing strategy, not only is it effective it is very cost efficient.

Many offline New York or Illinois businesses have moved their largest portion of advertising dollars to the online industry and began promoting their business in ways they never before dreamed of. With the ability to market to millions or potential customers across the globe for little to no expense, the technology the internet has brought to life has been a very positive impact on offline businesses.

Of course there are the down sides, such as more competition and the fact that the companies have to learn new ways of marketing their companies, but the good far outweighs the bad.

With the use of social networks, businesses are now able to interact with their consumers in a way they never have. They are able to get the input into their consumer's minds to find out what they want and what they need and can begin researching new targeted audiences by the referrals that are given by existing customers on their page. The opportunities for growth are endless when it comes to online marketing and many businesses are now beginning to realize this and take advantage of this new technology.

Tips for Small Business Finance

Running a Seattle Washington business requires more than just a good idea and time to implement it. It requires tedious bookkeeping, record keeping and the ability to create and stay within a budget. One of the priorities for a successful New York business is to have a good bookkeeping system in place. You should be able to easily track your expenses, profits and all transactions in one neatly organized place. The best way to ensure you have the financial records is to utilize bookkeeping software or hire an accountant.

When applying for a loan from the bank or any other Illinois financial institution you have to have a clear statement of what you're actual earnings are. They will ask to see documentation to back up your statement so never over exaggerate your earnings within the business.

Any funding you receive for your business should be backed by a legal binding contract. You want to ensure that there are clear guidelines about the repayment process and that both parties fully understand them before signing anything.

Using a merchant cash advance is a great way to ensure there are enough funds to cover daily operations. Every business needs cash on hand to pay for daily expenditures and if you are running low on cash due to waiting on invoices to be paid it can have a large impact on your business.

Be sure you have the means to handle credit card transactions. Most people do not carry cash and if you are going to sell anything online, credit cards will be your main source for income.

Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

While the economy continues to struggle and many professionals are now out of work, the main question is "where have all the jobs gone?" It may seem hopeless to some and the future bleak since they have spent years in an industry that no longer has a demand for their skills or services. For those who are facing that disappointment now they are turning to education to change their career paths. With little other choice, they have to find a way to fit into society since it no longer is bending to suit them.

For those who are just starting their career path they need to take a close look at what the industries are doing, are they growing or are they fading out? Education is not cheap and it takes time to establish a background and obtain a degree in a certain field, so be careful with your choice or you too will end up changing career paths and returning to school after twenty years of service in an industry that fails.

There are no guarantees that you're chosen path will be the right one or that your Seattle Washington, Illinois or New York industry will not fail, so having a backup plan is always a good idea. Many people are becoming their own boss and opening up businesses to earn the income they were accustomed to instead of going back to school, so maybe think about an educational background in business or even accounting so you can assist the many new entrepreneurs.

Curb Appeal Means More Profit

You may love your Seattle Washington home, you might think it is quaint and charming to have your children's bicycles in the front yard or the broken down tree house in the back, but potential buyers will most likely not. When you are ready to sell your home you have to take a close look at the outside of the New York property and ensure that when potential buyers pull up they are not turned off by clutter, damages or dead flowers.

It may seem like a tedious task to plant fresh flowers, paint shutters and clean up the kid's toys, but it can bring you more profit. Many times when potential buyers pull up to a home they already have an idea of how they will feel about it before they walk inside. If they notice debris outside or damaged gutters, chipping paint or other eye sores they will most likely take a much closer look inside to find the items that you did not complete.

There are some instances when the Illinois real estate agent pulls up to the home with potential buyers and the outside is such a turn off they never even step foot inside. You may have spent hours and hundreds of dollars making the inside of your home appealing to buyers, but if you neglect the outside of the home all of that work will be in vain. So, drive up to your home with the eye of a potential buyer and take notice of the changes that need to be made.

Break Into Office Management

If you want to break into the role of office manager there are a few things you should know. Running an office takes more than just a knowhow of the equipment and the logistics of the company. You may be able to handle the tasks within the office and have good delegating skills, but there is much more needed to be a successful office manager.

Depending on the type of Seattle Washington Company you work for, your skill set will range dramatically. If you are working for an IT company then you should have a background in that field. If you are a general office manager then you may not need any specific areas of skills, but you will need the right tools to be the best office manager you can be.

You should have a clear vision of how you want the office to run, a solid understanding of the New York or Illinois company policies, rules and regulations and work closely with human resources to ensure that you know the ins and outs of the office policy. Working with a team and understanding the importance of being a team leader is crucial to becoming a great office manager. You have to be able to recognize conflicts and resolve them quickly as well know how to listen to your employees and offer fair and swift resolutions to any problems that arise throughout the day.

Your educational background while it may be important is not the only thing that will help you to create a successful office management career you will need a strong ability to work with people and some strength in the common sense area.


3 Web based Ideas for a Small Business

The internet has opened up doors to many opportunities and now anyone can start their own web based small Seattle Washington business. You do not need a huge start up fee, an office or even any employees. You can start your own web based New York or Illinois business from home, on your own and for little to no cost.

Below are 3 web based small business ideas:

Freelance Work

There are many opportunities for freelancers. If you love to write you can supply web content for websites, blogs or write reviews. If you have a background in software then you might be interested in creating web pages or programming. You can be a virtual assistant, desktop publisher, photographer or even write resumes.

Write and Sell eBooks

EBooks are booming and if you have information that is valuable to the reader then you can easily create your own eBook and start selling them online. If you're not a writer or you do not have a topic in mind, there are various places that offer prewritten eBooks that allow you to resell at a percentage of the profit.

Affiliate Marketing

You can join an affiliate marketing program if you have an existing website. From your website you will place banners that will encourage your visitors to buy those companies products. You earn money by various ways depending on the client. Some companies will pay you per click and others will require that the one who clicks through to their site from yours to make a purchase and you will then get a percentage of the sale.

The Evolution of The Internet Business Revolution

When the internet became popular it was a lot easier to earn a buck. If you had a good product or a service that people wanted, you simply created a basic website and listed your items or service and you were on your way to earning massive profits. Today, however there have been many changes to what makes an online business successful. The competition for one is outrageous, there are thousands of other companies that are most likely selling the same products and or services you are, and maybe even for less than you can offer them. So, how do you get to the top? With the many changes you will also find that you need to offer a more complex website that uses methods, strategies and techniques such as auto responders, Pay-per-Click advertising, CPA advertising, Web2 technology and many other advanced methods that the beginner may not have any idea of where to start.

The ease of starting an online business has become so complex that it may seem virtually impossible to a beginner at this point. There are so many different methods for success, strategies for marketing, advertising techniques and of course trying to stay high in the ranks with the major search engines that it may scare off many new entrepreneurs. Just gathering the information about how to become a success online can be daunting. There are so many courses, training manuals, seminars and material listed out there that it could take weeks, months, even years to read through it all and then you still have to decide which course to use and apply it correctly. So, how do you get your new online business off the ground and running towards success?

There fortunately is a new breed of the Internet Business Model that uses a true "Turn-key" approach to the launching of a successful internet based business. You can find master templates for your business that have been created by experts in your field. So, no matter what you are looking for, there is a template out there for you that will use the latest technology, the most successful strategies and get you started. These models allow you to have templates that contain all of the back end work completed for you already. Your websites are designed, there are static as well as video squeeze pages and you can even have your order fulfillments handled for you. There are packages where e-mail marketing is handled and already designed to create the right message as well as the best advertising strategy for your products and services. The new internet entrepreneur can enjoy the benefits of the expert's hard work and have a successfully launched website that has everything already built in to get them started off on the right track.

These templates can really create a "hands off" approach for the business owner. The page is created and the sales are handled automatically, so even though they did not actually make the sale themselves, they are still credited and still receive the profits. This type of portal system is commonly known as Click Bank, where the business owner may have a squeeze page created and gain profits for visitors clicking through to websites advertised on their page or even receive a percentage of any sale made by that company that was from a customer directed from the business owners page.

Of course, the method of creating your own product or service page is still a popular venue for most business owners. The trials of creating a successful marketing campaign can be costly if you do not know where to begin, so if you are not going to use a template or business model, you might consider using a company that can help you with the marketing strategies to get your business off the ground and standing strong against its competitors. A marketing company is a great way to go when it comes to saving time and money on advertising. Of, course many of the marketing campaigns are free, you can send out e-mails, flyers and create blogs and online article directory accounts, but if you make the wrong moves it could waste your time and efforts and in turn cause you to lose money in profits. Marketing companies have done the research, they are experts on what works and what doesn't. You can find marketing companies that specialize in your field and offer the expertise needed to market your product or service.

5 Ways to Achieve Business Success

As a small business owner you should constantly be looking for ways you can improve your business. The business market is constantly changing and if you aren't prepared you can be left behind and your business can fail. You have put a lot of hard work to make it this far. In order to improve, continue on the path you are and also implement these five suggestions from Phillip Thow.

  1. Be innovative
  2. Improve constantly
  3. Be driven by the market
  4. Work smarter
  5. Create a smart business plan

In order to be successful a business has to be innovative. Your business needs to have the newest and latest in your industry. Always be on the look out for the next best thing. Trendy items can launch a business into the main stream. Technology is constantly changing and improving; stay up to date in order to improve your business transactions. Imagine a company that hasn't purchased or upgraded computers in 10 years? Phillip Thow knows the value of staying on top of technology.

Along the same lines of innovation it is also important to improve constantly. A common mistake that is made is for people to keep doing things one way just because that is how it has been done in the past. Your business will get stuck and eventually someone else will come along that can offer the same services, but better. It's important to improve your services and products as often and as much as you can. Phillip Thow stresses the importance of improving your business constantly.

An important part of being successful is listening to your customers and providing a service or product they need or want. Listen to the public for ideas on what kind of small business to open. They are your potential customers. If you give your customers what they want they will keep coming back for more. Strive to make improvements or additions as the market changes. Pay attention to your competition. Stay ahead of the game by communicating with your customers. Seattle,

Looking at the big picture can help you work smarter. Don't get thrown off track by the details of day to day operation. If you have a business plan in place you will be able to overcome those obstacles as they come at you. A flexible business owner that rolls with the punches and adapts to his situation will be more successful than someone who is rigid in dealing with hardships.

The foundation of a successful business is a successful business plan. Any business owner should know that without a firm plan in place you are setting yourself up for failure. Phillip Thow od Scottsdale, Arizona emphasizes the importance of having a strong business plan in place before opening your business. Understanding the risks associated with opening a small business can help you plan for them. Any small business can go through a hard time no matter what precautions they have in place. Having a strong business plan in place will help sustain your business through a learning curve or rocky time.

How to Stay Motivated for your Small Business

To keep your small business running smoothly it is important that as a business owner you stay motivated. If you give up on your business it will fail, plain and simple. Phillip Thow has put together simple ideas that when used together will help improve the success of your business. When you are personally successful that can carry over to your business.

To be successful follow these words of wisdom from Phillip Thow:

  • Write a mission statement
  • Break large goals into small goals
  • Increase communication skills
  • Find your passion (Seattle is wise)
  • Use a business coach

Having a mission statement to refer back on and reflect on can help you stay motivated to work on your business. Review your mission statement often. You can also use your business coach to help write a mission statement if you don't have one. Phillip Thow suggests reviewing your mission statement with your business mentor to ensure it is motivating.

Large goals that are far in the future can be hard to realize. Instead of setting big far off goals, set smaller more obtainable goals. When you have goals you can reach quickly you will be more motivated to strive for the next. Break down a bigger goal into more manageable goals. When looking a long term goal you can get easily discouraged. Being able to meet smaller goals will help you stay motivated.

When you communicate you can work with others to set goals. When you are working towards a goal you are more likely to stay motivated in order to reach your goals. If you are unable to express your opinions or convey your concerns it will be difficult for someone to help you. When you are able to effectively communicate with others they can help give you motivational ideas. Phillip Thow recommends improving your communication skills.

Find your passion in life. Sometimes stepping away from your business to gain perspective is what you need. If you enjoy doing something relate that to your small business. When you are happy you are able to run your business more effectively. Finding what you are passionate about can help you stay motivated. When you are passionate about something it's easy to be excited about it and work hard to keep your business successful.

If you feel overwhelmed, find a business mentor. Having someone there to only provide inspiration and positive words can help you stay motivated. When you work with a business coach they can help you identify ways to stay motivated. Working with a professional that has experience in your industry can give you insight you wouldn't otherwise have. By implementing the use of a business coach you have someone you can bounce ideas and thoughts off of. To have someone that is just there for tips and words of wisdom can be a great self motivation booster. Sometimes you just need to hear positive thoughts from someone else.

Review these steps often with your business mentor. Take the time to work on your business in order for it to be successful.  Phil Thow Seattle, WA

Successful Online Marketing Tips

Marketing one's company is important to its success. In order to increase sales various marketing techniques must be used. Even if your business is not online, various internet marketing techniques can be employed to increase the success of your offline business. Phillip Thow suggests implementing the following online marketing techniques:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media marketing

In order to get started prepare a marketing plan. Based on your type of business you can decide which marketing techniques you should use. There is free advertising and paid advertising. In order to be most effective Phillip Thow suggests targeting your audience. Pay attention to the details. If you pay for advertising on a site that is unrelated to your business it is unlikely that you will create more business for yourself.

After you have a plan in place you must then do your market research. It is crucial to the success of your advertising to reach your target audience. Research must be done to figure out interest and the best possible way to reach your potential customers. Phillip Thow knows that good research equals better application of marketing to your small business.

Social media has changed the way businesses can interact with customers and potential customers. Online marketing has become important for small business success. Using social media can give your business a specific direction to direct your marketing efforts. When you use social media you make it easier to talk to people and build relationships that will last. When you develop relationships you increase your chances of being successful. Phillip Thow suggests using social media to the benefit of your business.

Once you have a plan and have done the research you must then build a website for your business. There are many ways to have this done. Once you are online you can direct customers to your website. Increased traffic will lead to increased sales. With today's technology and internet availability any company that wants to get and remain relevant needs to have a website based on their company.

There are many free marketing techniques available. These are mostly social media. There are several sites available to take advantage of and build your customer base. When you are readily available online it is easy to have your customers spread the word and invite more people to your website.

When you have a strong business foundation to build on top of you increase the chance of operating a successful business. Following this advice can increase sales and revenue for your company. There are many other techniques you can implement. These are just a few examples of how internet marketing can help your business become successful. When companies don't take advantage of all the internet has to offer they can fall behind. Small businesses need to do everything they can to stay on top of their game and work hard at providing a needed service. Any small business can be a success if the right tools are used. Don't get discouraged in this poor economy. There are many businesses flourishing. Phil Thow Seattle, WA

Using Communication as a Key to Business Success

When you own or start up your own small business your main objective is to achieve financial and personal success. It seems like these days more businesses are closing than opening. What are they doing wrong? What about the businesses that are thriving and growing, what are they doing right?

If you own a company that is not thriving it may not be too late. There are steps you can take and things you can do in order to turn things around and have a successful business. Phillip Thow has many suggestions on how to operate a successful small business.

Good communication is key in operating a business. In order to achieve success you must be a good Seattle communicator. You use communication skills every single day. Not only do you need to communicate with customers and clients but you must also communicate with co-workers, vendors, loan officers and many many other people.

Are you a good communicator? One way to find out is to hire a business coach or business mentor. Phillip Thow suggests hiring a business coach for several reasons. When you have a mentor you can talk to they can help you work on areas of your business that you need to improve. If you are a poor communicator or just need to become better at it, a business mentor can help you through that.

Learning to be a better communicator by implementing the services of a business mentor is a great place to start. While working with your mentor they can help you identify areas of your business to improve.

Communicating with your co-working or employees is vital to the success of your business. Phillip Thow believes that when you can speak to and motivate your staff your business will improve. If you are unable to speak with your employees or co-workers, that can create a lot of problems in the workplace. You can practice different techniques with your mentor in order to improve your communication skills. When you have a good relationship with your employees and co-workers the day to day operation of your business will run a lot more smoothly.

Having a business mentor is also a great person to bounce ideas off of. You are able to FDtalk out' your ideas before implementing them in your business. When you have someone else to communicate with and work out situations its better than trial and error when you are unsure if something is going to work.

Good communication skills are vital to running a successful business. Phillip Thow of Scottsdale believes that when you have good communication skills your business will operate more effectively and be more successful. A lot of business owners are looking for a business mentor. If you are the only one that doesn't have one you are missing out on an opportunity to learn and grow as a business owner. As a small business owner you want to do everything you can in order to assure your companies success.  Phil Thow Seattle, WA

Ways to Improve Your Chances of Small Business Success

Even during these tough economic times, you can still open and run a successful small business. All across the country new businesses are popping up and thriving. Along with those doing extremely well, there are plenty that are closing within the first few years. Many businesses are not successful for a number of reasons. Phillip Thow has provided these tips to help your small business become successful.

Before you begin, have you listened to your potential customers? If there are several ice cream stores in your area that are doing well it might not be a smart idea to open another one. However, if you have heard people in your community complain about the lack of a near bye pizza parlor the demand would be there to have a successful business. This is true for any industry whether you are providing a product or a service. It's important to listen to your potential customers in order to supply something that there is a demand for.

Once you have realized the type of industry you want to get into, Phillip Thow suggest the next be to develop a good business plan. A smart small business owner will know that in order to be successful there must be a strong business plan in place. If you fail to plan your business could be derailed but a simple problem or financial hardship. Have procedure in place that will help keep your business running smoothly.

Be on the look out for the next great idea. As a small business owner you must always be constantly improving. If you refuse to change, another business could come in and take away your customers by doing something a little better than you are. Don't fall into the rut of doing something one way simply because that is how it has always been done. Phillip Thow suggests improving constantly.

Successful businesses have owners that work smarter. If there is a better way to do something then start doing it that way. If something can be done to save time and money then there is no sense in working harder. Keep focused on the big picture. If you get side tracked by simple problems in the day to day operation of your business you could be in a lot of trouble down the road very quickly. Keep your eyes open for ways to work smarter.

Along with constantly improving, your business must stay innovative. New technology is always being released that can assist business owners. If there is new technology that can increase sales and improve the performance of your company, Phillip Thow suggests taking advantage of it.

The five things that are suggested to increase your small business success are; listen to your customers and develop accordingly. Have a solid business plan. Constantly improve your business. Work smarter not harder. Finally, stay innovative. By implementing as many of these tips as possible, you can give your small business a better chance at achieving success.

Written By: Phillip Thow

The Use of Money Factoring to Source for Financing

Owning businesses means that you have to be alert and attentive to everything which might happen at any time. The delivery of goods and services is done every day, but the payments are not received immediately. Therefore, you need capital to keep your business running at such times. You can acquire a loan, although it is time consuming since it requires a lengthy application procedure and your eligibility for financing is not always guaranteed. You can however use money factoring to enable your business to continue as you wait for the debtors to clear their debts.

What Money Factoring Means

Money factoring is the process where a third party agrees to take your debts from customers and charge an agreed upon discounted.

How Does it Work?

The third party, also known as the factor agrees to take your company's invoice from debtors at an agreed discount rate. The discount is used to cater for the risk and interest accrued at this time. Money factoring is especially common in small and medium sized businesses. The factors are charged with the collection of your receivables at the specified date. This ensures that you company is funded, without waiting for debt collection periods.

Customers are advised to service the invoice directly to the third party company. This is however, not always the case since different companies features strict policies to indicate where the money is sent. Such companies are compelled by their policy to send the payments directly to you, but you then have to forward it to the third party or issue them their discount directly. Money factoring can provide you a steady flow of funding for operational use.

Money factoring provides you with a clean and uncomplicated debt recovery procedure. The factor takes all the risk including legal charges for the debts, receivables or invoice, which reduces your chances of potential bad debts. The receivables and debts which have not been cleared are assets for the company and factoring eliminates the need to source for other finances. It however, requires you to have a good customer base, which is willing to make use of the third party to clear their debts.

Resourcefulness Without Resources? Think Money Factoring

A prosperous life filled with activity can be obtained from a business active role where you deliver goods and services and collect the profit you earn. However, with extensive business knowledge and little capital, you may have great plans only to realize that you are short of funds with which to run your business. This is especially true if collection of money owed and delivery or supply of products and services are far spaced out. You may consider applying for a loan, which may prove to be long coming as the process and paper work may be too demanding. In addition, after all this paperwork, you may not even be approved for the loan. In such a case, you may then consider money factoring; an easy techniques to support your operations while waiting for payments from your clients. Money factoring is when a third party accepts the amounts you are to receive or the company invoices to a customer at a discount.

The working of money factoring is based on the principle of the factor (who is the third party) accepting your company invoice for the risk period in which you wait for the payment. At this time, the factor will provide you with the money you need in your business. The factor then collects funds from the company that owes you. This happens when you have instructed the customers on the presence of a third party who will come to collect the debt. In as much as some customers will still insist to pay directly to your company, you will have to put up with the extra work as a payment to the constant flow of cash in your company.

Since the third party factor assumes legal charge over the invoice, debt or any amount to be received, your potential bad debts are reduced and your business is able to operate on an uncomplicated debtless system. Factoring also discourages and eliminates the element of borrowing from other sources and if you have an extensive and proper client base, you can definitely consider this method after negotiating the discount rates with your factoring company.

Since moving to a new home or office can be hectic and nerve wrecking, they help you cut costs as they take care of all your needs with no effort from your side.  phillip Thow

Employee Efficiency

Efficiency is the high ratio of output to input. To achieve the most from your employees, you have to make sure that they are efficient in their various duties. And since motivation is the stronghold of improving employees' efficiency, management should learn to consider factors such as corporate travel packages. This works absolute magic for the company.

There are countless travel programs you can choose from to ensure that your employees get the best from the Business Travel Agencies. Since the employees may see the need of occasional and seasonal travel but may lack the finance to support such undertakings, you may consider setting up a corporate travelling package from a good agency. This will motivate them not only to be creative and appreciative in their work conditions but will also promote team work and an extensive thinking habit.

Since the corporate travel program will be viewed by employees as a competitive reward, they will definitely put their best efforts to task in a bid to outshine each other and achieve the prize. This will in turn impact the business in that, constant high performances will boost business and improve the general performance of the business. To ensure that you stay within the expected expenditure for your travel agencies, you will have to check out the various travel programs that are provided by the different Business ravel Agencies.

Since employees are greatly attracted to reward packages that are unusual and seem to offer large benefits, corporate travel incentives will greatly motivate the employees. By providing a corporate travel program to your employees, you build memories while capturing emotions, promote team work, and encourage employees to work harder and efficiently. This will help your business retain its best employees.

Written By: Phillip Thow

Employee Motivation

To establish the productivity of the organization and motivate employees, you need to look at the different factors that influence an individual staff member's productivity. The use of various motivational programs improves the morale of the employees, which in turn improves their productivity in your organization. Travel motivational programs are a good way of reducing the employee's monotonous workload and this improves their performance. The travel programs should cater for all the expenses including the airline tickets and the accommodation facilities. Management should implement various motivational programs, which will see to it that the employees have a good perception about the work.

There are various business travel agencies, which can be used to provide your staff with a good and relaxing excursion. However, you may not have the required funding to provide your employees with a good travel vacation. The travel companies are able to provide very good rates for the business vacation, which improves your employee's morale and boosts their creativity and innovation. The employees will also develop a good attitude towards your company hence, will be willing to work more so as to reach their targets. The excursions and travel arrangements will also help your workforce to develop good teamwork and share technical knowledge amongst each other.

The employees will have more motivation to work since they will realize that management is concerned about their well being. The travel programs help the company to manage and balance between work and the health of the employees, which improves their performance substantially. Employees are better motivated if they have substantial rest between their tight working schedules. The business travel companies have a variety of travel program, which you can choose from. There are seasonal travel programs with incentives, which provide you with a lower rate while paying for the employees.

Having a reward program for employees who excel in their work is also another motivational program that will see to it that the workforce improves its productivity. Issuing travel incentives for employees who are exceptional in the performance will help to boost their morale. Travel incentives are better than cash awards since the employee will always remember the trip, unlike the cash which might be spent in a few days. The corporate travel program also improves the employee's loyalty to the company and provides them with memorable experience.

Explore IT Options for Your Small and Medium Business Enterprise

In this new era of rapidly changing computer technology, internet software and applications and other IT oriented architecture, mobility, web services, security and IT support has become a necessity to business entrepreneurs. The problem comes from the rapid change that is happening within the computer technology field that is making lots of people unable to cope up with and learn new applications and software platforms so as to be able to compete in their industry. Individuals and small to medium businesses need brilliant minds for IT solutions to support their business goals as information and communication technologies develop at breath taking speed.

The success of e-business is rooted in their ability to integrate several data sources and leverage on web portals and other IT solutions so as to penetrate into the unlimited global population of the market. Computer business solutions take time and experience to formulate and develop therefore, it is not a job for just anyone. Because of the different business structure and unique ideas a person has to run his business online, the needs of the business become different in every sort. Maintaining a contract with a computer business solutions services to support the business needs for IT solutions is better than hiring an individual.

Some of the many advantages of hiring the services of larger organizations for your IT solutions include:

  1. The cost of maintaining your own IT department is eliminated.
  2. There is no fixed pay to the IT services received as you only pay when you get the services.
  3. It is more cost effective to outsource your computer business credit solutions rather than setting up your own IT department as the fees and charges structure are different for each type of service.
  4. Increased speed and access to wireless communications greatly reduces the overhead cost of the company.

If you want to get ahead of the other competitors, hire the services of a large organization that have many experts in the field sharing IT knowledge and updates about any new technology and you will surely be moving into the right direction to achieving the organization's goals.

Blogging Tips For Better SEO

There are many blogs on the internet that we can all access and use in our everyday life. If you are considering setting up a blog or you already have a blog and you want more people to view your blog and leave comments, you need to set your blog up with an SEO or search engine optimization. Getting your SEO working correctly can take some time, but with a few simple tips listed below, you should be able to get the SEO on your website better and more efficient.

SEO or search engine optimization is when you put tags and keywords that are common with your website, on your website. A quick example; your blog may focus on photography. You will want to use words in your titles, keywords, and main text that reference your website. Such words can be your company name, location and where you shoot your photography pictures at. To continue with the example; you took some pictures of a local business. When your post your pictures on your website, put a description of where you took the pictures using the city and state your photography business is located in, and also use your business name.

Using your business name and location will help your current customers and your possible new customers find you. When you have a client that is looking for a photographer, they are going to use their search engine and type in a local photographer for their area. If you're SEO or search engine optimization is being used, the names and locations you put in will include your business in your clients search results.

If you don't know how to use or set your search engine optimization up, there are companies that you can hire to help you do that. Paying the cost to have a company help you will only benefit your business and will increase the traffic on your website. If you are a business person that doesn't want to hire the work out, do some research online how to set up your SEO correctly. The more efficient your website's SEO is, the more business you will create for yourself and your website.

Some quick simple tips to help your SEO search:

  • Use your location within your website
  • If you have a product that your consumers will be using on their website, make sure you business name is on their website
  • Use your business name with your website
  • Put what your trade is. List it a couple different times in different locations.

Written By: Phillip Thow, Scottsdale, AZ

Learning Internet Marketing

Marketing your business will help your business not only grow, but will help your business to succeed. Many businesses use a type of paper marketing; such as paper flyers, newspaper ads or mailers. This type of marketing can help your business; yet using internet marketing can increase and benefit your business in many extra ways.

Internet marketing is a less expensive method to paper marketing. As a business, you will spend a lot of money on your paper products, switching to internet marketing will not only save you money, but will help you to do your part in helping save the environment and show your business as a green company. Marketing your business as a green company will bring in more consumers. More and more people want to work with companies that are green. Here is your opportunity to bring in more consumers to your product or business.

Learning how to use internet marketing will take time if you are new to the internet or just starting to market your business online. There are companies that you can hire to put your company on the internet and there are also mentoring companies you can hire to come in and train you on how to market your business on the internet. As you learn to use the internet, you will find that some websites will charge you a small fee for posting your business ad or logo on their page. There are also websites that will let you place your ad for free. Take some time and research different place to place your company.

Market your business by having your own website setup. Having your own business website, will let your consumers make their purchases from their own home. The percentage of consumers buying online is increasing every day. The reason for this, many time shipping and handling fees are cheaper for your consumer to pay than it would be for your consumer to drive their vehicle to a store to make their purchase. Market your company on the internet with different incentives that will catch your consumer's eye. For example, if your consumer makes a purchase of $100.00 or more, their shipping and handling is free. Send your consumer discounts and special offers thru their email address and let them know that this special is only offered thru the email register. Email is a great tool to your internet marketing and will help you increase your business value.

Simplifying Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is necessary if you want to gain online attention for your website and generate new leads. However some companies tend to think more of SEO and they make it into a very complex process. SEO is hard to understand at first but once you start to learn more about it, you will get the hang of it and you can easily optimize your website and gain the attention you need for your website.

SEO allows search engines to quickly find your website in a timely manner and display it in the search engine results when users are looking for your website. You need to focus on adding the right keywords to your website along with quality titles and other things to help the search engine crawlers index your site.


The most basic part of SEO is focusing on keywords. Use the Google AdWords tool in order to find out what keywords your customers are using to find your website. You also need to learn about the keywords that your customers are using if you seek to gather an understanding of the right keywords that your customers will use to find your website along with the keywords that your competitors are using to try and steal some of your website traffic.


Another way to simplify SEO is to focus on building links to your website. You can use a number of different methods to build links to your website. A lot of people use social media sties to build links to their website as it is not only a great way to build links, it's also a great way to focus on building your reputation. Linking can also be done on other sites besides social media; you can also create linking with blogs, forums, and discussion board. Just make sure you are focusing on building credible links or you may have a hard time getting the search engines to respect your website and offer you a higher page rank.

Quality Content

To build the right type of online credibility you are seeking, you always need to take a look at your website content. Having quality content is essential to your website because your customers will remain on your website longer after they have found it through the search engines. If you get your customers to stay on your website longer, you will be able to get a higher page rank status.

Written By: Phillip Thow

Reasons to Get a Business Coach

Small businesses are born out of the entrepreneurial spirit which resides inside each and every one of us, and those of us with the nerve and daring actually do realize our dreams. The boom of the internet and globalization has together painted a rosy picture for these small businesses. Now it is no longer mandatory to make a large investment to start a small business and customers are just a click away. Everyone has been quick to jump onto the small businesses bandwagon and it is getting a little bit crowded. When you feel that business is slipping up, you know that it is the time to get the help of a business coach, like Phil Thow.

The first thing a business coach would do is assess the business. What ideas did you have in mind when you started the business? Was it supposed to yield a quick buck or was it to mushroom into a large corporation? However, businesses rarely grow in the direction you want them to, and it takes the help of Phil Thow to open your eyes to many latent and unnoticed inclinations of your business.

Once the direction of growth has been established, the next step is the establishment of goals. It is important to set targets because it not only sets the pace for all activities of the business but also serves as a valuable tool with which to measure business performance. If it is not up to the mark, corrective action can be immediately taken, preventing a spiral downwards.

A business coach also looks into the various business factors which may be affecting the business. A common example is the lack of communication or a communication gap. This a serious malady since it affects employee morale and customer satisfaction. Phil Thow helps by looking into the situation thoroughly and drawing a communication chart which shows where the lapses occur. Business coaches help to branch lines of communication so that expectations and concerns can be clearly established in a company.

However, the entrepreneur or the small business owner should always bear in mind that Phil Thow can only make observations and make suggestions based on those observations which are designed for the growth and success of the business. But the decision to implement those suggestions is ultimately in the hands of the owner.

Written By: Phillip Thow

Computer Repair and Online Support For Small Business Owners

Small business requires a good and reliable vendor who can provide timely service to computer problems. It not only saves the time and money but truly gives you an edge when professionalism is concerned. Take advice from Phil Thow and save your business time and money.

Going for a good repairing service requires some inspection on your part to ensure you choose the correct service provider. Get testimonial from your business fraternity in that case, or get info from Phil Thow. When ever you buy new computer or any hardware for your small business you should understand that it has its limitation and short lifetime which in most of the cases varies from brand to brand. The Software too requires frequent update. That might make it sound like old news, but typically all hardware has its short lifespan owing to the fact that the software industry updates and adds new feature periodically. Keeping a good rapport with a computer service provider helps you get your work done immediately and for cheaper price too. The increasing number of computer viruses and malware can damage the entire network of your small business place leading to loss of data and revenue.

A good service provider always gives you timely service and at discounted price looking for long term business gains. Keeping good relation with a computer service provider is a Win ? Win situation for both the Small Business and the Computer Service Provider.

Small Business should keep a good record of its inventory and keep important spares in stock to meet emergency and it is also a very good practice one should implement. The work place culture and dust free environment helps prevention of hardware depreciation rate. Below is a checklist from Phil Thow on how to find a good repair and support provider.

The Checklist for Choosing a Good Computer Service Provider

  1. The service provider should be reliable and reputed, look for testimonial.
  2. Prefer service provider who are nearest to your Small Business Place.
  3. Always take price quotation from more than 2 to 3 service provider.
  4. Verify the Technical qualification of the service provider
  5. Keep good rapport for gaining favor at crunch time.
  6. Ensure your service provider gives you online support and help online trouble shooting in minor problems or emergency.

Written By: Phillip Thow

Update your self with your Credit Report

The credit report contains all relevant information concerning your credit including the remarks and opinions of your lenders. Your credit report is handled by three bureaus namely Equifax, Trans Union and Experian.

A credit report can be accessed using the internet. They are used to establish your credit scores which is the measure of your worthiness to obtain further credits in the future. This is normally made up of three digits number given by lenders according to their evaluation. It is not only lenders, who make use of your credit report, but also proprietors, insurance and utility companies since this is also part of the evaluation process of their applicants.


- If you have several credit cards, it is wise to move their remaining balance to one credit card that gives low interest to card to card owners.

- Find ways on how you can surely pay your bills on time. One way is to make use of the U.S. Bank Internet Bill Pay service which will help you pay your bills on time every month.

- To avoid problems with credits and loans, you need to make sure you have available cash which you can use. Save money. You can do this by regularly putting money in your savings account.

- Making a budget list is a customized, practical way of keeping tract of your money. If you do this daily, it will be easier for you to make decisions on how to reduce expenditures.

- Bouncing checks is a great flaw in a credit report. It should be avoided through regular assessment of your checkbook. Overdrafts can be prevented by means of the U.S. Bank Overdraft Protection.

- If you possess a house, a good option is to apply for a home equity loan to take care of the remaining dues of your credit cards. A good thing about this is that most of the time the interest is exempted from inclusion of oneFDs taxable income. You can ask information regarding deductions of your interest from your tax advisor.

- A store card is useful

This statement is mostly true especially if youFDre doing transactions at gas companies and department stores. Cards from finance companies, rather than known banks, are preferred in these cases. Store cards are easy to acquire but they canFDt do as many functions as the bank card. Having one or two of these cards is sufficient to provide your needs.

So what do you do if you already stained your credit history?

It will not be impossible for you to get credits in the future even if you have had failures concerning your previous credits. However, you have to prepare yourself. You might not have another choice but to go for other lenders who give soaring interest rates and charges.

Lenders usually take this action to prepare for the risk which you will be considered as if you have a bad credit history. These types of banks are quite easy to find.

Problematic Credit History vs No Credit History

There are many people who experience being turned down for their application of their credit cards. There is one primary reason why a person is denied to get credit FD unfavorable. This will make the company feel that if they allow this person to get credit, then they are entering a risk. His ability to generate profit for the company becomes doubtful.

Unfavorable credit rating comes in two different forms: problem credit and bad credit. Many people do not understand the difference but these two factors play an important role during the personFDs application for a credit card. Before you try to avail of credit, make sure you have a good credit history. If you donFDt, find ways to make it better.

When deciding on which credit card to apply for, you have to take note that problem credit is different from no credit rating. A person who has just applied for credit has more chances of being approved than a person who has a bad credit history because of frequent failure of paying his obligations and making delayed payments.

Now hereFDs the logic.

A person who had never had credit and is applying for one is more valuable and trustworthy client than someone who has a credit report reflecting incapacity to manage debts and tendency to make delinquencies. This is the reason why all credit card companies present more benefits to no credit applicants such as special products and credit cards that match the specific needs of customers helpful in establishing a good credit history.

They also have these special features in order to broaden their market to young people who are still in school even though they have not have had a credit history.

Offers given to students and no credit applicant are more moderate compared to people who have had bad credit. This is with regards to their APRFDs, annual charges and other fees.

Some companies even reward customers for paying their obligations on time. The rewards may come in the form of cash back and air miles and points.

The provisions and features are made to attract more people to get credit fast and easy. If you are a person with a good FD paying job and good payment records (phone and electric bills for example) then it will be easy for you to get a credit card even if you are a no credit applicant.

A lot of businesses, especially these days, have fallen behind in their credit situations. They find themselves wondering how they can acquire the right amount of credit to keep their businesses on track. If you are one of these people who wonder how with bad business credit, business credit cards can be obtained, you need to realize that you are not alone and there are ways to get business credit cards and start on the road to recovery. Everyday businesses that have seen a little financial turbulence along the way obtain business credit cards and start rebuilding their business credit.

You do need a professional to guide you through the process of bad credit business credit cards situations. It should be someone who knows the situation well and has helped thousands of companies whether the bad credit business credit cards storm. Because your situation is not unique, programs have been developed to help businesses get a second chance and begin to rebuild their business and most importantly, their business credit. As a business person you realize how important it is to have credit when you need it most and that it can be the difference of meeting your profit goals quickly, or muddling along stressed about where the next influx of cash is going to come from.

Get the help you need and start to rebuild your credit. You can come back from a bad credit business credit cards situation and repair the damage. With business credit cards your credit will begin to climb upwards very quickly with every on-time payment that includes principle and interest. You owe it to yourself and your business to talk to the professional who understand the situation the best and are well equipped to provide you with the leg up you need now in this difficult time. You can come back from bad credit and be successful and profitable just like you always imagined.

There are some tips the professionals can pass on to you about obtaining business credit cards. One of those tips is not to link your personal social security number to a business credit card. This could be a very expensive mistake and should be avoided at all costs. ItFDs never a good idea to use your own social security number on your business credit cards. So, it is time to stop stressing and seek out the advice you need and do it right away



Business Credit Card Tips

Any business, whether a Nevada Corporation or formed in other states, needs to understand the importance of credit and how to maintain it to keep cash flow available for an eventuality. ItFDs hard enough to reach profitability without the stresses of constantly worrying about cash flow. ItFDs a simple equation, donFDt manage cash flow correctly and your business will fail. There are some great business credit card tips that can help you keep your cash flow concerns at bay. Using business credit cards can really help elevate your new or existing business to new levels by keeping cash flow at comfortable levels. Knowing how to manage your business credit will allow you to pay attention the all important core of your company.

When applying for business credit cards, go for the largest limit you can get. This will keep you from losing time increasing credit levels when and if you need it. That way when a large order comes in and you need to purchase more supplies than usual, or you need to buy new equipment, you will always have the funds available. Time is money in business and you donFDt want to leave anything on the table because you have to chase credit around. Being able to react to any eventuality is business is one of the main keys to success.

One really important business credit card tip is to make sure you only use your business credit cards to buy supplies, travel or otherwise purchase only items related to factors of production. In other words, donFDt use you business credit cards for major capital expenses like buying buildings, vehicles or major machinery. These items should all hold collateral specific traditional bank notes. Your success is going to depend on how you use your credit, all credit not just your business credit cards. Refraining from capital purchases with your business credit cards is not only prudent, itFDs just good business.

Another tip to remember is to respect your credit limits and try hard not to go over them. Keeping control over debt will help further your path to business success. Also, remember your credit limit is directly related to how you pay your bill. Always pay interest and principle, not just interest. And, always try to pay on time to avoid any further fees and penalties. This is also good for a healthy credit limit and will help to increase your creditworthiness. Use your business credit cards wisely.




Every company seeks to maximize output while increasing productivity and therefore sometimes outsourcing is necessary. Outsourcing is when a company goes outside of its internal workforce to delegate jobs as a lower cost. Usually, outsourcing is done to companies that specialize in a certain discipline such as, payroll or call center functions, and internet marketing services. Because of economies of scale, these organizations can offer services at a lower rate than hiring internally. Outsourcing can occur within oneFDs own country, or can be taken overseas where labor is more economical, and according to business management expert Phillip Thow may be a very good option for a company looking to save money.

Phillip Thow maintains there are many benefits to outsourcing and regardless of the bad press it may get on occasion, it can be the difference between profitability, and failure. A business must weigh all the factors when making the decision to outsource. However, it is important to keep in mind that outsourcing certain non-essential functions that are not relative to the businessFDs end product, can allow the business to stay focused on what they do and not ancillary functions. Phillip Thow maintains the main focus of a company should be its core business.

Phillip Thow suggests that outsourcing also allows for the more efficient use of personnel in that people can be shuffled to do what they are skilled in as opposed to filling functions that somehow got tacked onto their normal jobs. To clarify, it often happens that precious man hours are wasted by a senior employee doing relatively junior tasks when they could be outsourced to more efficient companies allowing that employee to produce at his/her max capacity. Since, the outsourcing company is concentrated on just their business they also have the benefit of having the latest technology in their particular discipline, technology your business may not be able to afford.

There are some pitfalls to be aware of in outsourcing as well. Communication may be compromised just by sheer logistics, or by language barriers. Also, customer may resent being sent to someone off sight and not a part of the core company. And, finally, sensitive information may be passed on to the wrong sources. As aforementioned, there are many things to be analyzed when considering a move to outsource. But, Phillip Thow says it just may be the right option for your companyFDs success as a competitor in the global economy.  

Computer Repair

When your computer breaks down and you don't know how to fix it yourself, what do you do? You can take the old fashioned route and take it to a computer repair shop. This requires you actually unhooking your computer, loading it in your car, driving to the repair shop and dropping the computer off. You are then stuck without your computer for days, even weeks while it is being looked at and repaired. Once they finally do finish the repairs, you have to drive back to the repair shop, pick your computer up, drive home and hope you remember how all of the cords were hooked to it. Kind of sounds like a waste of time and money. Plus, you never know if your computer was actually worked on or not. They could have just told you that they did some work on it. Most people are honest, but occasionally you meet someone that isn't. Do you really want to trust your computer to a repair shop? Wouldn't you rather have it fixed right in front of you, from the comforts of your own home? Now you can!

These days when your computer breaks down, you have options. No more having to settle for a repair shop or a repair man. You can actually have your computer fixed fast and easily as long as you can still make an internet connection. Remote computer repair is the new way to have your computer problems fixed. When you have your computer fixed this way, you no longer have to go anywhere. With remote computer repair, you can sit in front of your computer in the comforts of your own home and watch your computer being repaired. All you need to do is make a simple phone call, open an email, then sit back and watch the support tech work.

The first step in getting remote computer repair for your computer is by calling the company you want to use. On this phone call they will ask for your email address. This is so they can send you an email with the link needed for the tech to access your computer. Once you open the email and connect the link, the support tech has full access to your computer from wherever they are. They could be half a world away and still be able to fix your computer. Don't worry, you still have control of your computer as well and you can watch the whole thing so you know your personal files are not disturbed.

Once the support tech has found the problem, even a little one like virus removal, they will exit your computer and take any trace of them being there with them. If you had to install a program, it will uninstall when the support tech is done. You are left with a computer that runs well again and you got to watch the whole process. It is a good way to learn how to fix your computer should you ever encounter the same problem again!

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." --Henry David Thoreau

"I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite." --G. K. Chesterton

Is Browsing Better Than Searching?

Many internet users have been lost in the woods when it comes to finding what they actually need. The internet is a vast resource of knowledge, power and can offer much more than what meets the eye. With so many users caught up in the instant gratification of the search method, they often miss out on much more that could have been offered. It is similar to when studying in the library; even if you did not know exactly what you were looking for you could just use the card catalogs or browse the aisles and easily find what you needed. So when you are looking for something online, how do you use this method of browsing instead of specific search?

Sites such as Amazon and Netflix offer this type of browsing ability. They allow their visitors to search by categories or by genre. There of course is still a search box for those who know exactly what they want, but the category or genre tabs will offer a more extensive look at what's available.

Browsing capabilities allow users to not just quickly find what they want and get out; they are given a chance to find other areas of interest as well. This ability to discover items may be the best solution for up selling. While the user came to the site to find a book that was on the best sellers list, with the browsing ability they will find that there are many other books in that genre that they may find appealing. So, instead of buying one item and leaving there is a chance that several items may be purchased. The search feature is great but it can limit the shopping experience for users.

Social media is a great way to encourage discovery, service such as Facebook, Google +1, Twitter and other networks offer a new method for browsing by sharing links, trading info, recommendations or by choosing "like". These are forms of human communication instead of the basic search algorithms that are normally used.

With so many options for browsing opportunities within the social media networks, sites like YouTube and throughout your own website it is no wonder that more and more companies are beginning to see how important it really is to their traffic, their sales and their profits. If you have not incorporated some form of browsing in your company yet, you might want to consider investigating a way to do so today!

Leveraging Social Media Marketing

Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey's recent study shown that more than half of all Facebook users responded to some type of social media marketing. With more than 750 million active Facebook accounts the study had responses from more 1,491 Facebook users who were 18 or older and were located throughout the United States.

The study showed that 52% of the respondents were spending more than an hour a week on Facebook and that they preferred Facebook over the other social media networks for interaction between their favorite brands. 78% of these respondents who chose to "like" a brand had fewer than 10 brands total on their page. This means that they are taking the time to choose the brands they actually trust, use and like instead of aimlessly clicking the "like" button for anything. This is good news for companies, as it means with fewer brands on their users pages, fewer competition in the newsfeeds.

One of the questions that companies have is do users "like" a brand they already use or do they start using a brand because they "like" it through the social media ads. The study shows that 58% of the fans are already using the brand. As many as 58% of all users are more likely to send a recommendation of a brand to a friend or family member after they have become a fan on Facebook. 51% of fans say they are more likely to purchase a brand after they "like" it on Facebook. This sets the standard for customer loyalty and builds a strong relationship between consumer and brand.

With this customer loyalty it is shown that 76% of all users have never un-liked a brand on Facebook after becoming a fan. But, with the changes Facebook has made to their system, this could change. Facebook no longer allows users to hide posts from friends or brands from being displayed on their page, so if you want to ignore a message or messages users will have to un-friend that brand.

Every brand and retailer should have a Facebook page, this is the primary way that most people interact with their favorite brands. Through newsfeeds, reading their posts and interacting with the company on a more personal level the consumers feel a stronger relationship with the company and it will create more loyalty for the brand.

Will Google's +1 Button Change How Websites Show Up In The Searches?

There have been recent reports that are looking into how the Google +1 button will be used to rearrange search results with Google's searches. So if you have a Seattle based website and want the local attention you deserve, you may have to learn a few things about Google +1 to stay on top.

Google has not openly discussed how large of a role the Google +1 button will play in the way we search or the way we find businesses, local or otherwise. So, this is what scares many of the businesses online business owners at the moment, the fear of the unknown.

We have all been told that Google uses hundreds of algorithms to help determine the ranking of any particular Seattle website, but what we don't truly understand is how some of those algorithms or signals are more important than others and by what means and how that affects your Seattle website.

Google had announced in a recent email that they would be studying the clicks on the +1 buttons and possibly using them as a new signal or algorithm to affect rankings. This could have a large impact on how search results appear and for your Seattle website; it could mean being on top or going further towards the bottom of the list.

Google is not trying to make it tougher for your Seattle website but rather they are trying to make it easier for their users to find a valuable and worthy website that is closer to what they request in the searches. As with any new signal there will be a learning curve as you figure out how it affects your Seattle website and how you can use the Google +1 to your advantage.

The Google +1 button right now is basically used as a way to share a link quickly and easily with a friend and it is like getting a virtual fist bump for your website. This button encourages fans to visit the page and helps to create its popularity.

Four Musts For Good SEO

There are so many different techniques and methods for SEO campaigns that it can make your head spin. While there is no cookie cutter way to get your Seattle website on top, there are some SEO virtues that always stay true. So, no matter how you are planning to market your Seattle website, think about the four important factors below:

Proactive: When you are dealing with SEO campaigns you have to keep in mind that you will not get immediate results. You have to plan ahead with your campaigns and always stay proactive. Use calendars and timelines for your Seattle website to ensure that your campaigns are strategically played out at the right time to get the results when you need them the most. You may be creating a Christmas campaign for your Seattle website in July; this is due to the lag time in between campaign launching and results.

Persistence: Do not get discouraged if your campaign does not work, the first time you attempt to get results may not work, but get up, dust yourself off and try again. You will learn from your mistakes and sometimes making the mistakes is the only way to really determine what works best for your Seattle website. Stay persistent and understand that not everything you try will work but everything you try will be a stepping stone to getting where you need to be.

Perseverance: There will be times when things seem idle and you feel as though you are getting nowhere. You have to hold your head up and know that just because things are not going as planned right now, they will get better. You can never give up and you always have to remain level headed and optimistic that your campaigns will pan out. The search engines are controlling most of your SEO campaigns and you do not control the Search engines, so just weather out any bad storms and wait for that rainbow.

Patience: Patience is the key to any SEO campaign. You may be chomping at the bit trying to gain the profits you need to keep your Seattle website going but if you don't wait it out you will never see those results. Just relax and understand that everything takes time and there is no instant gratification with any SEO campaign.

Make Your Website Easier To Browse

You of course want the visitors who enter your Seattle website to easily be able to find exactly what they are looking for. But you have to keep in mind that browsing your Seattle website may offer more benefits to your business.

Think about it this way, if your visitors step onto your Seattle sporting goods website knowing that they are looking for a specific baseball glove then yes, by all means offer them a search box to find the baseball glove they want. But, what if they wander on your website knowing they want a baseball glove, but are unsure about what type, this is where browsing can come into use. Having your Seattle website offer categories for visitors to search will not only help them make a better selection it will also contribute to your up-selling.

If someone visits your brick and mortar Seattle sporting goods store they are given an array of options and choices as they walk into the door. So, even if they were looking for something specific there is always something that may catch their eye for a spur of the moment purchase. The idea is to create your Seattle website in the same way, have something for them to browse other than what they came for and hopefully they will make another purchase or at least come back to check out what else you have to offer.

Social media is a great outlet for you to begin advertising the option to browse your site. With ads that are not geared towards a specific item but towards a category you can link people to your category pages and allow them to browse your many options. Specific product ads are effective and should still be part of your online marketing campaign, just be sure to incorporate the broader category ads as well.

Online Marketing Is The New Form Of Advertising

Online marketing has begun to take over the advertising world, even for offline businesses. The old style of marketing offline still exists and there is a strong need for it, through newspapers, radio ads, television commercials, magazines, billboards, mailings and other offline materials used for marketing there is still a need to reach consumers. The internet has opened up a new way of advertising, a more effective and more cost efficient way to get the promotion you need for your business and business owners everywhere are taking advantage of it and its benefits.

Since so many people use the internet as part of their daily life and their mobile devices allow them to carry the internet with them wherever they go it is only logical to have internet marketing as a form of advertising to the potential consumers within your targeted group.

You can create viral videos, use blogs to reach out to your consumer group, forums to offer discussions, and even offer online chatting to be able to address your customers concerns throughout the day and night. There is no limit to the amount of profits you could earn through the right internet marketing campaign, so why not get started?

Online Purchasing Is Taking Over

Online purchasing has become the most popular method for purchasing. Offline businesses have begun to notice the tremendous profits that can be earned through internet marketing and now just about any business you can find offline has an online presence as well.

There is no limit to the amount of savings you can earn through shopping online due to the major competition that is out there. With so many competitors, businesses have to work hard to keep your business and that usually means better deals for you.

There are no regular store hours for online shopping; you can shop online any time of the day or night from the comfort of your own home. Security has increased with online shopping to help protect consumers from risks of their personal or financial information getting into the wrong hands, so when you shop online today you can feel confident that you and your information is safe. We still have offline shopping available to us and that is something that will never go away completely, but with the increased popularity of online shopping it has decreased offline sales dramatically.

Online Sales Are Skyrocketing

The convenience is a huge benefit for consumers and the ability to go online and have what they need with just a few clicks of the mouse makes it very appealing to just stay home and shop. Consumers can have access to reviews, comparison charts, inventory status and contact information right at their fingertips. There is no need to wait for stores to open or try to make it to them before they close, the internet is always open for business, so consumers can do their shopping any time they want, day or night.

The selection online is astonishing and no offline store can even compare, this is another major reason people use the internet as their shopping resource. In addition to the amazing selection, the price is a real attention getter when it comes to online shopping. You can find amazing savings by shopping online since the competition level is so much higher than that of offline stores. Even offline dealers will offer exclusive online deals that you cannot get by coming into their store and buying directly, so there is no wonder why more and more people are turning to the internet for all of their purchasing needs.

Marketing Tips For Your Start Up Business

Your start up business is just that, a start up. This usually means there are very few funds available for marketing, so you have to be creative and use the most effective and affordable tools. Phil Thow offers expert advice on how to market your Scottsdale Arizona business online, not only effectively, but affordably as well.

Large Seattle Washington businesses spend millions on advertisement and brand management each year and for a small business coming into the industry it may seem as if there is no way to compete. Phillip Thow can show you the fundamentals that are needed to succeed and offer up techniques and strategies that will build your brand, without hurting your budget.

Your website is your first priority when creating your online Scottsdale Arizona business and it should reflect your company's style, message and offer up a solid understanding of your brand to its visitors. Creating a website is affordable and anyone can do it, even without a technical degree. You can use templates to create a basic website or software to create a custom website.

Using SEO tools and techniques you can have your website listed in the search engines rankings and with a little effort you can get that top position. Keywords are a large part of your website marketing campaign and will be used throughout various campaigns online.

In addition to your website, your Seattle Washington business should have its own social network page to interact with customers, entice new customers and to help build your brand and its reputation. With a little effort and maybe some help from the experts you can turn that start up business into a successful company that has a strong reputation and a well known brand.

Success Requires Integrity - Especially in Small Business and IT

The word integrity has two primary meanings. The first is having strong moral principals or being honest. The second definition is being whole and undivided. To quote Dave Ramsey, the number one measure of success in business is integrity.

Whether your small business is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Austin, Texas or Seattle, Washington, small businesses must ensure that all employees act ethically and with integrity to succeed in the marketplace. However, for the sake of information technology security, small businesses must maintain high standards on their IT systems to maintain their reputation for integrity with customers.

  • You must know what is right and acceptable in your system. What are your access control limits? Do you have a security matrix defining who is allowed to do what is and isn't allowed in your IT system? There must be rules for the system to have integrity. Who is allowed to debit a customer's account? Letting the owner's daughter or an intern make withdrawals from customer accounts opens up the door to mistakes. Each mistake risks financial liability and lost credibility. Who is allowed to copy information in the customer relations management database? If you do not place limits on information access now, you cannot prevent a disgruntled employee from copying the database and taking it with them when they go to work for the competition. Let a professional like Phil Thow help you define and document your current business processes and decision matrices so that employees know the rules and the responsible parties.
  • How it should work and how it does work should be in alignment. You need a method of monitoring the integrity, similar to law enforcement keeping an eye out for crime. Then there must be processes to handle exceptions and violations, akin to courts. Those who do not know the rules should be taught. Those who deliberately break them are dealt with, in accordance with company policy if not the law. Whether you are in Scottsdale, Arizona or Seattle, Washington, you can hire a professional like Phillip Thow for help documenting these system rules.
  • There should be an appeals process and periodic reviews of the rules, similar to a democracy. If the IT world has changed, enforcing rules that are no longer practical creates an undue burden on users. The ability to appeal rule violations committed to get around an unwieldy system also requires administrative review - the tool may need to change to fit the user's application. Ethics also comes into play for deliberate violations of IT policy or access control limits. If someone did something outside of proper process on a supervisor's orders, management needs to know this and act appropriately.

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How To Market Your Small Business With a Small Budget

Your small Scottsdale Arizona business does not have to have a large marketing budget to be a huge success. If you take the advice of Phil Thow and go online, your Scottsdale Arizona business can throve on any size budget.

Phillip Thow encourages business owners from Seattle Washington to create a website and start earning the profits their business deserves. The business website will stand as a centralized marketing hub, where all marketing efforts will be either surrounding or targeting the website.

Market Your Website

Using SEO and other online marketing techniques you can begin to build your websites reputation with little to no marketing budget. Your website can be created to offer search engine optimization and with the right tools and techniques in place your business will begin to become recognized in the major search engines and followers will start to pour in.

Using your websites content as a basis for your SEO campaign you can corner the market on various keywords and keywords phrases to ensure you get the highest possible ranking within the search engine results.

Get Social

If you want to take your Seattle Washington business to the next level and start earning some real profits, use social media networks to help build your brand. Social media platforms are a great place for small business owners to start working on relationships with customers and potential customers. The more people who know who you are and what you have to offer; the more that are likely to buy from you.

Using the internet and its many different platforms for advertising and marketing your business is a highly effective and very affordable way to increase your business. So, even if you have a small marketing budget, your small business does not have to suffer.

- Written by Phil Thow

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